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You want to know what to sell or what to monitor in your niches (s)/category(ies)

Just fill in contact form and we will contact you ASAP, letting us know which topic you want us to research and what criteria are most important for you

We adjust our model based on your specifications, search for trends on the topic(s)/product category(ies) you are interested in and calculate Trend Power score

We deliver you latest trends in chosen niches (s)/category(ies) with specific scores indicating their strength and give you recommendations about hottest topics and trends

Our cases

Case 1: CBD products


CBD lip balm Trend power: 68.4

CBD lip balm (or CBD salve) provides the same benefits as regular lip balm except you’re getting the benefits of CBD as well


CBD body cream Trend power: 64.19

The CBD and other cannabinoids from cream are absorbed through your skin and provide relief and well-being into your muscles


CBD body oil Trend power: 61.56

Hemp seed oil acts as an emollient to smooth rough cells on the skin's surface and offers moisturizing benefits

CBD research result

  • Niche research
  • Criteria: Region, Product age, Sales
  • Result: 23 products analyzed and assessed

Case 2: Keto products


Keto drink Trend power: 80.96

Beta Hydroxybutyrate Salts increase physical and mental performance and decrease cravings so you can function at your best in keto


Ketone meter Trend power: 64.19

With a blood ketone meter, you can test for blood levels of beta hydroxybutyrate, a ketone that your body produces when in ketosis


Keto dog food Trend power: 61.56

With twice the protein content than so-called "Grain Free" and Premium pet foods, it offers substantially more nutritional value

Keto products research results

  • Quick research
  • Criteria: Region, Trend age, Sales
  • Result: 10 products analyzed and assessed

Case 3: Electronics


Skincare fridge Trend power: 70.32

Micro-fridge for skincare products. Very useful for storing sensitive oils and moisturizers


Wireless charging stand Trend power: 65.13

Wireless charger that allows you to effortlessly charge your phone and not to worry about where your charger wire went


WiFi security camera Trend power: 62.83

WiFi camera will alert you through mobile phone or send snapshots to email when motion is detected

Electronics research results

  • Whole industry research
  • Criteria: Region, Price, Sales
  • Result: 37 products analyzed and assessed

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Also we have great experience in the following research techniques:

Market analysis – market size, demand and supply, SWOT-analysis, PEST-analysis etc.

Competitive analysis – key players on your market in the selected country(ies)

Product/category analysis – prices, consumption, key sellers etc.

Customer discovery – potential of product/service based on target audience needs

…and much more (please ask directly)

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